Assistant to Performance Marketing Manager (JP)

Since the 1930s, the way we commute, socialise and make payments have changed, and yet our fundamental approach to the healthcare system hasn’t. At Ordinary Folk, we’re reimagining the building blocks of healthcare, through Noah, and Zoey. Noah allows men to receive remote diagnosis and treatment across varying care areas. Through Zoey, women’s sexual wellness and fertility journeys are supported with thoughtful products and services.

Job Description

Ordinary Folk is looking for a Performance Marketing Person who will be working closely with our Growth team to scale our paid channels and drive efficiencies across our ad platforms for Asia. Ideally, you’ll be someone who loves everything ads and enjoys playing an active role in the execution of campaigns. Analyzing data is your daily escape and recommending and implementing next action steps will be a key component in your day-to-day.

The role

  • Plan and Implement campaigns and ads across Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads Manager, TikTok, YouTube, partner media, affiliates and other channels as required.
  • Perform search query analysis by identifying trends and opportunity keywords, and structure the accounts for efficient keyword bids.
  • You’re an expert in landing page optimization, and understand how to optimize for quality and relevance scores based on ad platform algorithms.
  • You’re up-to-date on latest ad platform changes and machine learning upgrades, and are able to structure the ad campaigns in a manner that improves performance in accordance with these changes.
  • You understand ad platform best practices like naming conventions, tracking, audience and keyword inclusions/exclusions, creative asset optimisations, bidding strategies, and are able to set them up seamlessly in an independent manner.
  • You’re great at auditing and are able to identify key audiences and targeting gaps.
  • You understand what a great ad creative is, and will be able to work closely with the creative team on ideating and producing awesome ads that compel audiences to click and convert.
  • Manage and execute experiments and A/B tests across our ad channels.
  • Report on the effectiveness of campaigns, conversion rates, online-generated sales in a timely manner.
  • Manage related marketing activities on main off-platform ads channels for OF strategic brands.
  • Implement, monitor and optimize performance campaigns to maximize conversion outcomes with optimal budget splits.

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What we are looking for

Your Experience

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with Performance Marketing or similar roles in Digital and performance marketing.
  • A degree in a discipline relevant to this position such as marketing, digital and e-commerce.
  • A deep understanding of the marketing, digital and e-commerce world especially Japanese market.
  • You understand how ad platform tracking pixels work and are able to work with tech on correct implementation.
  • You’re a team player and are comfortable working with cross-functional colleagues in brand, creatives and tech.
  • You are also highly adaptable, collaborative, can learn quickly to come up with prompt solutions

Your Skill

  • You’re able to communicate effectively in English and Japanese
  • You’re an expert in Search, Display, YouTube and Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads
  • You’re familiar with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in performance marketing: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, ad platform algorithms
  • You’re a Google apps expert (Google sheets, slides, doc, etc)
  • Photoshop and image/video editing skills is a plus
  • Wordpress, HTML, CSS and JS knowledge is a plus