Chief of Staff

This role is high trust and high autonomy. You will work very closely with our Founder and independently lead initiatives with our operations, growth, brand, go-to-market, and new product development teams.

Duties will flex based on your strengths but here’s some of what you would do:

  • Drive high-impact reengagement, retention and referral initiatives to help our patients.
  • Lead 0-1 ventures from conception to delivery.
  • Monitor progress of key projects across the department, ensuring key updates / milestones / blockers are escalated as needed
  • Establish an efficient internal system that guides day-to-day operations.
  • Ensure that information arrives at the right point in our Founder’s decision-making process, and that follow-up happens without him having to check.
  • Make prioritisation and decision-making more efficient and well-understood by facilitating effective and efficient business planning processes.
  • Guarantee that internal meetings are well-run, impactful and have clear next steps, delegating work clearly and effectively.
  • Build and develop relationships with all employees for increased efficiency and effective responsiveness into existing operations, and help to define new operational strategies.
  • Identify and solve strategic and operational problems (e.g., identify and complete key analysis, generate actionable insights and recommendations, and set and track success goals). 
  • Manage business processes (e.g., annual planning, business casing, OKRs, and resource management).

This role is a training ground for leaders who will eventually become:

  • Country General Manager
  • General Manager in each of our brands
  • Head of Growth 
  • Head of Operations


As we continue our journey of building, launching, and scaling ambitious healthcare ventures, there will be opportunities to lead ventures, markets, partnerships and new distribution channels.

Examples of projects could include:

  • Research, launch and scale a new healthcare venture (e.g. diabetes, mental health, pathology)
  • Research and launch a new core capability (e.g. our new product development & OTC team)
  • Research and execute a new international launch.

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Your experience

  • At least 2 years in a high performance environment (e.g. consulting, investment banking, high growth startup, technology, law, global FMCG)

Your skills

We’re looking for generalists with a track record of delivering great work. Here are some of the skills we’re after:

  • Understand and make trade-offs — your path may be filled with uncertainty, but you possess the ability to break down problems, make a decision and move forward.
  • Excellent written and verbal communicator — you know how to convey information about our customers and business in a compelling way that helps all the teams feel informed and excited.
  • Meticulous and organised — you’re detail-oriented and understand the importance of establishing standards and procedures across verticals, you’ll bring order to the chaos. 
  • Confident business analyst — you can read a balance sheet, clean up data and are comfortable using tools like Excel to answer business questions quickly.
  • Passionate and people-oriented — you will work closely with the founder, and understand how to use your power and influence to lead from behind.